TV series - 208 x 15"

DIRECTOR: Sergi Camara
PRODUCER: STUDIO CAMARA (Barcelona) / SPI International (New York)
SCRIPT: Sergi Camara
VERSIONS: No Dialogue

A collection of animated 15" shorts starring SLURPS,an adorable worm and a host of dwelling friends, including TAYLOR the ladybug, RAZ the snail and BEZZ the fly. This lovable cast of creatures finds themselves in all forms of comical situations.

This commercially successful series has been shown in more than 130 countries on some of the most well-known television channels in the world: FOX FAMILY CHANNEL (USA), TV AZTECA (Mexico), DISNEY CHANNEL (Italy), TIME WARNER (Latin America), TAURUS FILM GMBH & CO (Germany), and TELETOON (France and Canada), among others.

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